Monday, November 28, 2011

Mentionable Author Monday: Juliet Marillier

I am choosing Juliet Marillier as my first "Mentionable Author," because she is my absolute favorite. I began reading her historical fantasy novels when I was in the 8th grade, which would have made me around 12 or 13 at the time. Since that time, I believe I have read The Sevenwaters Trilogy (and two additional books in the series  from start to finish at least once a year. The most recent of this series is Seer of Sevenwaters, and let me tell you, it won't disappoint. Every additional book just adds to the mystery and charm of the Sevenwaters tribe.

I have read all books that she has published, only excluding the two young adult books. I am waiting very excitedly for more to come. I believe that there will be a new series soon, or that she will be continuing the Whistling Tor Series. Below this I will include a bibliography of her works, and also a few links for you to find a wealth of information about her life, her work, and her beautiful inspiring characters.

I believe that one of the main things that draws me to Juliet Marillier is that all of her lead characters are very strong women. I don't mean strong as in demanding, I mean strong in spirit, faith, and love. There hasn't been a single novel that she has produced that hasn't made me fall hopelessly in love with the heroine and her struggle. It's about women in a difficult time overcoming the stereotypes, and the oppression of their day and age. The different series are set in a number of places, all of these places ripe with history, folklore, and magic.

I'm not really the girl who like to admit reading sci-fi books or anything of the sort, and yet these novels wouldn't fit into any of those categories. Just to mention, regarding my not reading sci-fi talk, I do read the Wheel of Time Series. I think that pretty well covers the books I read classified in either fantasy or science fiction. I didn't think it was fair to lie to you.

Anyway, back to the point, Juliet Marillier writes fantasy in a style that seems almost real. If you follow or study any ancient beliefs and traditions you would see that the things she writes are in connection to the way people believed in the time she writes. It almost seems right that the magic in these stories feels real. Makes me want to believe in the Gods, and put my faith in earthly ritual. Well, I don't think I'd go that far. I'm a pretty good bible-belt Christian.

Either way, if you're looking for an inspiring read, in which women continually prevail over trials and the gods go hand in hand with life, I would suggest picking up one of her books. And just so you know, my absolute favorite of hers is Son of the Shadows (Book 2; The Sevenwaters Trilogy), followed closely by The Well of Shades (Book 3; The Bridei Chronicles).

It's time to get back to Leo Tolstoy and his Anna Karenina.
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The Sevenwaters Series 

1. Daughter of the Forest
2. Son of the Shadows
3. Child of the Prophecy
(These three books make up the Sevenwaters Trilogy)
4. Heir to Sevenwaters
5. Seer of Sevenwaters

Saga of the Light Isles

The Bridei Chronicles

Books for Young Adults

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