Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

Not really sure if I have mentioned this before, but I recently got a new library card, I'm pretty sure I haven't had one since I was about 13? I have a small phobia of library books.... They smell funny, and you have no idea who has had them before you, or who will have them after you. Funny thing is, that I don't have the same problem with going to a used book store and buying books that someone else has owned. I'm going to guess that's because I willfully force myself to believe that only one person has had them before me and I make a great effort to make sure there are no food stains or boogers located between any of the pages before I buy them. Again, this has very little to do with the blog at hand. Excepting of course that I have begun to use the library's online Lending Library to borrow books. Doesn't matter how many people have used them (or eaten while reading) because when it gets to my Kindle it's brand new! Oh the wonders will never cease. No more scrounging to find random free books, let's not get me started on paying for Kindle books again. Now! I have a variety of books that I actually want to read right at my fingertips!

Still, I stumble across gems like Catherine McKenzie. What I was expecting from the book, and what I got are two very different things. Exactly what I was expecting, I'm not really sure, but what I got was a very well written witty story about a woman who is unlucky in love. Anne has just finished another bad relationship, identical to the three that came before. And now she finds out that her best friend is getting married and completing the fairy tale love story that she has always dreamed of. Is it a sign that she found a card for a supposed dating service just a short while before? Is it really time to give up on finding love herself, and let someone else do it for her instead? Maybe it's fate, but maybe its desperation. Whatever it is Anne lets go and gives it a try.

After an all inclusive arranged marriage and honeymoon getaway Anne and her now husband Jack make a go at life together. With an arranged marriage you can expect all kinds of up and downs, and that's exactly what you get. With a compatibility score of 8 (which is perfect) will is be love everlasting, or will the pressures of the world tear them apart? You'll just have to read it to find out. And believe me, you won't be disappointed.

There are some key points in the books that really intrigued me, mostly the idea of giving up on romantic love for the basis of a relationship and using a "friendship philosophy" to found a relationship. I can really see the validity of this. Friendship between partners is what creates a bond that lasts forever. I've seen many of my friends relationships fail because they thought that love feeling was enough, and when that love feeling goes away all they are left with is a hollow shell. Makes sense to me. Why kid myself, I've experienced the same thing myself. What counts is that I've learned that love isn't enough. Which is why Nick and I have taken the effort to read up on things, and to progress past just loving each other and moved into building a strong foundation for forever. 

And really just the second thing that I've thought about the idea of having entered into an arranged marriage. It has worked for centuries in other cultures. The book even mentioned how people here look down on the whole idea. We've been spoon fed the romantic ideas of love at first sight and happy endings from our books to our movies. Would I have had the courage to let someone else decide who would make me happy forever? That's exactly what it would take, courage. I'll gladly admit that I'm a huge chicken when it comes to making any kind of decisions, let alone making someone else decide my marital fate. 

Those are just a couple things that the book made me think about. I'm thinking about posting later tonight with just a general personal update on my life. But, for now I'll leave you to your own happy reading. We are on our way to the library to get Ryland some new night-night stories. I'm doing my best to not be super grossed out by the books at the library, because I know how much Ry loves our reading times at night. But... gross.. Happy Reading!

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