Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Diplomat's Wife by Pam Jenoff

I finished this book Monday night before I went to bed and then just didn't seem to have time to post about it yesterday. I know that you'll all forgive my delay. Even though the delay means that you'll have to read two whole different review from me today. Ahh, doesn't that sound exciting!

Pam Jenoff also wrote a book call The Kommandant's Girl and this is a follow up to that. The Diplomat's Wife follows a secondary character from the original book called Marta. She plays a decent roll in the original and before The Kommandant's Girl ends you think she must be dead. Which brings me to the actual book I just read. It was an unbelievable love story. And I don't mean that in the way that I'm saying that it was so incredibly moving it was unbelievable. What I mean is that every other thing that happens in the story is so unrealistic that it absolutely ruins the story for me. 

I really enjoyed the first book and so I was hoping that this one would be as good, but it was purely ridiculous. One incredible impossibility after another. I'm a reader who can sort of suspend reality in order to allow for certain possibilities to happen to make a love story function, it's me saying a lot that I absolutely couldn't do that for this book. Jenoff has an amazing ability to write. I will never argue with that. I read the book all the way through in one sitting, even with the struggles of imagination I was fighting against. It's hard to tell you why I feel this way in detail without ruining the story for you, so I'm just going to have to leave you with this. 

The fact that I know some people can suspend reality well enough to believe in this story astounds me. Reality is just so... real? It's supposed to be real, this isn't science fiction or fantasy. I can make all kinds of allowances for books found in those genres. 

This is why I like to sit down and write my reviews right after I finish a book. Everything is much more clear and my ideas are more defined. As it is I just finished another book that I'm about to review as well and it is so much more pristine in my mind. I'd say that's because it left a good impression though, and all The Diplomat's Wife did was leave me incredibly unsatisfied and unhappy. Either way, I'll willingly admit that this isn't the best review I've done to date. Happy Reading all! 

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