Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Life List: the difference between doing something and doing nothing is everything by Chrissy Anderson

Do you ever think that things can come into your life, or just happen at the perfect moment?

Have you ever wondered or fervently believed that there is someone up "there" who is watching out for you personally? I mean this not in a "God" sense, but more in the sense of a relative or friend who has passed.

I'm going to take a wild leap and say that very many people in the world feel this way. Even if they are going to be slow to admitting it. I don't mind that people are sometimes afraid to admit what they believe in. It's a tough world, and people judge incredibly quickly. I am 100% willing to admit that I believe that both of these ideas are possible, and have happened in my own life. I very randomly met the love of my life, and we have become amazing together. There is also a strong certainty in my heart that my Grandma is up there making sure that I don't mess things up too badly down here. I can almost feel her sometimes. Which is kind of crazy to some of you I'm sure. Also, it's very true that I barely even knew her while she was alive.

You may be wondering how all of these questions pertain to the book that I am writing about, but to be honest these are exactly the viewpoints that Chrissy carries herself. I'm not going to talk about the fact that the author named her main character after herself, and also states that it is a work of fiction. I may address that later though. It kind of bothers me. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Chrissy and her husband Kurt are the couple that everyone secretly wants to be. The couple that met in high school and survived through college and got married. Both very beautiful people with exciting jobs and a flashy home. Who wouldn't want to be them, right?

Then all of a sudden Chrissy meets him, Leo. And she realizes that perfection on the outside doesn't mean that everything is also perfect on the inside. Then everything breaks down. It's a mess of lies, therapy, separation, divorce, love, hate, loss. Anything you'd imagine an incredibly emotional woman feeling, Chrissy goes through it. Through it all she comes out stronger and more brave than shes ever been. It's all about reestablishing herself without trying to fit into someone else's frame of mind. That liberating moment of personal freedom after so long trying to be who someone else always wanted you to be. And maybe, you'd already convinced yourself that you are that person.

This was a good read. It made me tear up in some places, and become incredibly frustrated in others. I could say it was an emotional roller coaster, but that could just as easily be attributed to my pregnant hormones. Either way. It's not an educational read, and it's not really the most well written (by the book) kind of book. What it is, is real. The language is something that you'd hear spoken on the bus while some lady gabs to her friend sitting next to her. I used to be really uptight about books being written in a certain fashion, but I realize how much I was missing out on. It's really hard to feel an emotional tie to something that makes you feel like you should be analyzing every other sentence to look for the hidden meaning. I really strongly dislike poetry because of that.

I said that I'd consider addressing the author using her name as the character name in this work of fiction. So here I go! I don't like it. If it's fiction then there should be some form of disconnect between who wrote it and who the book is about. I don't want to force this image of a person onto the author. It could really taint anything that I read from her afterward. From what I can tell this book is the first of a trilogy? I don't know. It's so far the only thing that I see out by her right now. It was released in the first half of 2012, and I got it for free from my blog that tells me what books are free on random days. It's 3.99 on Amazon for the Kindle. I'd say that's a fair enough price? I'm not judge of book cost. Then again I loathe and despise paying for Kindle books. If I'm going to buy a book, then I am going to have an actual book to put in my library downstairs. Not everyone agrees with that (Nick!) but I'll forgive him because he's cute. It's late and I have a whole lot of playing with a three year old  to do tomorrow. So I'll leave all of you lovely readers to your own devices now. Happy Reading!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks a million for the review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the book, and that you too believe in the idea of random love and spiritual love. I agree, people can be so critical of those beliefs, can't they?

    As far as using my name in a work of fiction...well, that was my publishers suggestion, and I'm second guessing it for future editions of The Life List. The novel is indeed part of a trilogy, and book #2, The Unexpected List will be released at the end of the month. Hope you and your readers check it out. Thanks again for the thoughtful review!
    xoxo- Chrissy Anderson, Author

    "The difference between doing something and nothing is EVERYTHING."