Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

So my fiance and I did something really exciting today! We finally got our rings! :) We worked at saving up and didn't put anything on credit. I'm proud of us. We were successful, and it hardly took any time at all. But, the real point is that I have new bling.. and being a girl I am terribly excited about it. Granted I'm not excited just because it's shiny. I'm excited because it's one more thing that is falling into place for our lives. The Fates have really been on our side. I'm a very lucky woman to have found such a wonderful man.

You should know by now that I very seldom am on topic in the beginning of my blogs. Which means I am going to stop apologizing about my rants. Over time I've really learned that a good amount of why I like or don't like a book is about the environment and how I felt when I was reading it. This is not always true. Some books are just awful. No amount of a great mood can change that. Might make me a little nicer in my reviews though. Who am I kidding, nothing makes me nice about books I don't like. So this all being said I'll tell you a little about what happened in the three days it took me to read this book. 

I worked, I do a lot of that. Most of my reading time was spent on my lunch breaks. You have no idea how many people will look at you with almost sadness when you are pregnant, 20-something, sitting by yourself, eating and reading in a restaurant. It's unfathomable! Haha. I think I just look lonely or something. When I go to Barnes and Nobel no one treats me like a leper, but I spend way too much money. I'll stick to Chic Fil A. So other than work I spent time at home with my loves. Nothing too crazy going on until we went out today. Today we went to a parade. A very noisy, hot, and long parade. A hoard of candy was taken in (none of it good). Then mother's day lunch and the rings. And now here I am. 

There are serious second thoughts about that last paragraph having anything really of value to add to this blog, but we'll let it slide this once. If it's a huge miss I'll leave it out next time. Nothing really exciting happens in my day to day of which you would really care to know. Meh.

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. I'm in a group on Goodreads that is 52 books in 52 weeks or something like that. You should be my friend on Goodreads and join me in the group! Anyway, this is the book that they are reading this week. The library actually had it available to borrow on my Kindle so I jumped on board and started reading it. Finished just in time for the week to be over. Some of the reviews so far that I've read say that the characters are hard to love, and I think maybe that's the point. Maybe we get so lost in the idea that you have to love everyone that you read about, or connect with every thing. But some people are just hard to love. Kind of like it's hard to love your weird uncle who smells like pickles and never changes his jeans? You know what I mean? Well, maybe that's a bit different. Haha. The point I'm really making is that no matter how hard we try to make everyone fit into our molds, sometimes they are just selfish, mean, and downright unlovable.

I think it also makes some difference that it is written by a dude. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that men can't write emotionally driven works. What I'm saying is that they have a very different style of writing. This is a love story of a sort, albeit not a conventional one. It's about realizing that sometimes what we thought was right or wrong for us, might really not be. It's about waking up and realizing the things that you've walked out on, or taken for granted. 

Did I love the book? No, I can't say that I did. But I liked it well enough to recommend that you read it if you haven't already. It's worth the time it takes to read. This is pretty much all I have to say about the book. I finished it a few hours ago and I already have a disconnect from it, which mostly tells me that I can survive without it. Only the really good ones stick around long enough for me to recall very specific details hours later. Although, I can say that I hate the end. Ugh. It was so... Unorganized. And now, really, I'm done.

If you stumble across this blog from Goodreads, or have a Goodreads account, please add me as a friend. I need more friends on there and many more book suggestions. For REAL. Ha! I'm getting to a point where I'm scrounging to find things I want to read right now. 

Happy Reading.

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