Thursday, October 10, 2013

A post about many books by Elizabeth Berg

Sometimes when I find an author that I enjoy I will read many of their books in a row. I recently (today) read the first book I've ever seen by Elizabeth Berg. After reading this one I learned that she had many more books to offer. Being as intrigued as I was by the first, I've decided to continue reading is books by her for at least the rest of the week. The best part is how many of her books are available from the library via Kindle delivery. I'm not certain if I've told you of my severe dislike for borrowing books from the library that goodness knows how many other people have handled. So! I super love their emedia and the ability to borrow books without ever leaving the house. Back to the post subject... I've decided to try something where I create this one post and then add the next book to the same post after I've read it. I'm fairly certain that this will make for a very long post, but maybe it will make it easier for anyone who is considering starting to read books by this author. I don't like to give away huge spoilers or anything, so you could really look through and see if there is a good place among what I've read for you to start? We shall see how it works out. 

Dream When You're Feeling Blue

Kitty Heaney is a 20 something year old woman living at home with her parents, two sisters, and three younger brothers. World War II is being fought thousands of miles away. The story details how those left at home were able to get on with their lives even when they were being notified constantly that more and more friends were losing family members to the fight. It has a stirring patriotic feel as Kitty learns that she can be her own woman, and make her own decisions. She goes to work in a "man's" job at a factory to earn higher wages and to "do her part". When the war is over she has to decide to fall back in to her old role, or to continue moving on her new path.

It's a very interesting look into what the young women would have been going through while their men were away. Her two sisters each had their own struggles that they went through as well. If I had to pick a character that I could most relate to it would probably be Tish the youngest sister. She was out to dance with and write to as many of the soldiers as she could to boost their morale. She also seemed a bit on the edge of what was acceptable, even though I think she is the one who ended up following the rules more than the other two sisters.

The read was easy and good. The largest flaw that I can find is the way the story ends. There is no satisfaction for me in this, and I had to reread a chapter or two because I was 100% lost as to how it actually ended. It was weird. I've been trying to write this post for two days now. I didn't seem to remember how time consuming it really is raising an infant. I can read while I rock her because I can turn the pages by tapping the screen and prop my kindle up for ease of reading, but I absolutely cannot use my laptop. So I'm kind of having to sneak this in between. Any time I get while she is asleep is better spent with Ryland or cleaning the house. If these posts seem unorganized, this is probably to blame. :)

Either way, I'll give the story 3 stars out of 5. I'm not in live with it. I had a bit of trouble trying to relate the characters to real life. I liked the story well enough to read more of her books though. I've already finished another one while I was trying to attempt this review. Since I've got the time I shall review that one as well. If I stop bouncing the bouncy seat while Inez sleeps she will wake up and start screaming like a banshee again. Good thing I can multitask.

The Last Time I Saw You

Can you imagine what you would feel like when your 40 year high school reunion is only a few weeks away?  These days we have so many ways of keeping in close contact (or creeper contact) with the people we knew, sort of knew, or didn't  know at all in high school. I can say that I'm friends on social media sites with people I may never have said more than a few words to in the full 3 years I spent at my high school. For some reason though, we feel that we need to be "friends" so we always know whats up. But, think about coming from a different time. A time when the only ways to keep in contact are by phone, visits, and snail mail? It would be pretty easy to lose contact and not know what happened to everyone in your class.

The story shows a glimpse into the lives of many different people who are attending their 40 year reunion. The popular kids, the nerdy kids, the somewhere in between kids. We know all about the cliques that form in high school. It seems as if they never really go away. Did you have a crush on someone? Don't you still, kind of, have that crush? It's interesting the way that Elizabeth Berg portrays the different kinds of people. It's a bit unrealistic how much change everyone goes through in such a short time. Fiction is fiction, right? I really like Mary Alice. I'm fairly certain that I was like her in high school. But I never got bullied or picked on.

The Last Time I Saw You is another one of those easy reads. You don't have to think about much, or surf through to create your own understanding. That's what makes these books good though. Especially when I don't have time or the ability to concentrate on anything for very long. Easy to pick up or put down without missing much. I liked this one less than the last one, I really didn't get much of a feels from it. I always appreciate having some kind of feeling after reading a book. Doesn't really matter if that feeling is awkwardness, happiness, disgust, anger, or anything along those lines. I finished this book and felt pretty much nothing. I'd have to say that's a bad sign. Could be good though, depends how you look at it. Sometimes reading is there just to be something to do. Does it always have to be about an experience? For me it does. Maybe for you it doesn't?

I'm on to the next book I've chosen from Elizabeth Berg. We'll see how it suits me. She really has written a great many books. Picking at random is a serious gamble. Haha. Hopefully I'll be back with you soon. :)

The Art of Mending

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