Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love Unlisted by Stephanie Haddad

So I gave up on Elizabeth Berg novels and moved on to a book that I randomly found on my Kindle. I'm not surprised that I have so many books that I've never read just lurking around on my Paperwhite. Honestly though, most of them look like they'd be pretty awful. There I go judging books by their covers. Really, you shouldn't do that. Some books surprise me. However, since I gave up on Mrs. Berg I had to find something to read while I was waiting for Graceling to be available for download from the library. I stumbled across Love Unlisted while I was taking a mommy break. I used to scrounge Netflix for something to watch while on a mommy break, but then I always spent more time looking than watching something. I only get so much time without kids awake or laundry needing to be done. Why waste it on movies?

I'll admit that from the first chapter I was hooked on this book. Grace is a compulsive lister. She has lists about pretty much anything you can imagine. Really Grace seems compulsive about most things in her life. Control, cleanliness, not dating people with small nervous ticks, and her career. With a huge promotion on the line she begins to pave her way to what she feels like is her dream job. That is until Colin so rudely comes into her life. As she begins to come to terms with the fact that she can't control everything Grace learns more and more about who she really is. There are so many changes that she must move through and grow with. Will Grace be able to make it past it all, get her dream job, and find happiness with her unlistable love?

It looks like you can download the ebook on Goodreads. You know me; free is the best price!  I'm going to suggest that you read this. If you like girly love stories where you just don't know how it will all come together... Even though you do know... Because how else does one of these books end? 

Now! I'm on to Graceling since my hold became available yesterday. Just had to finish what I was reading first. I also need to blog about that last bit of Elizabeth Berg stuff that I read. I guess I'll do that while Rylosaur and I wait for our pizza to finish cooking. I don't like pizza. Why do little boys like pizza so much? Why must pizza be so easy to make? Better yet, why must I be so lazy as to not make something else for myself... Oh me.. Oh my! Haha. 

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