Thursday, October 24, 2013

Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2) by Melina Marchetta

I'm finding great difficulty in writing this review. It's been started and erased about 5 times by now. So, I have decided that whatever I write this time will just have to be good enough! Recently I've been giving more thought to what I write and how I write it. Nick and I have been playing around with the idea of me taking writing courses and starting to dabble in writing as a side project. The task that comes with such territory is a bit frightening. In some way or another through most of my life I have written and never finished much of anything. Tons of story ideas tossed around, with no real motivation. Writing isn't easy and never will be. Because of all these thoughts, the act of writing has become much more terrifying to me. Haha. Even just writing this blog. 

I don't have a great readership, and I figure that most of my readers are either friends and family, or people who stumble across the blog with no great interest to continue following. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. Still, it worries me that some may find my writing style to be less than pleasing. With no real feedback on what happens here it's hard for me to judge. One thing I know I need to work on is not second guessing myself. The reviews I wrote of this book and deleted can't have been all that bad. I was going to review this book and Quintana of Charyn together since I read them back to back, but I realized that it's for the best to keep them separated. Giving spoilers is something that I avoid if at all possible. (At least is if I'm trying to get you to read the book too.) However, as I was writing previously I noticed that it would be nearly impossible not to spoil this book if I followed the review by the next in the same blog. If you choose to read both blogs at the same time I can't stop you, and then it won't be my fault! See? Genius. :) 

The first book in the series hooked me, and this one left me begging for more. Cliffhangers at the ends of books are good to make someone want to continue reading, but at the same time I felt like there wasn't enough of a conclusion to make me feel satisfied at the end. Thankfully I already had the next book available to continue. Apologies to the people who read this when it first came out and were left with nothing until the next was released. Another downfall to the Cliffhanger style of writing, you can't pick up a book in the middle of the series and just enjoy it as a story on it's own. Each novel is too intertwined with the others to allow you to understand much of what is going on. The character development was really good. Marchetta allows you to get to know all of the important ones of a very good basis. She makes you understand what they are feeling. 

When I look for fantasy novels this is pretty much the type I aim for. Maybe a little less heroics and a little more romanticism would better fit my mold, but I really can't complain. There are strange gods that are worshiped, gifted people, curses to be broken, and people to be saved. The details were wonderful. Story lines flowed with ease. There is always a little hesitance when starting a fantasy chronicle that was written by someone who got their start in a different genre.  If you read book one, you really need to finish the rest. It only gets better.

Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2) 

Lumatere is finally coming back to life. It's been three years since Finnikin and Isaboe broke the curse and brought their people home. This time has been spent rebuilding what was broken and punishing those who were in the city for their crimes during the exile. Now that Lumatere is beginning to breathe again it's decided that now is time to exact their revenge on Charyn for what they did to Lumatere. Froi is the slave boy they found and brought home with them. For the past three years he has been living on a farm with a noble family and training in combat with the palace guard. 

The decision is that the King of Charyn must die. But how are they to do so? A group of landless men and women from Charyn have settled in a valley on the edge of Lumatere, and they may just have the answer. A plan is set into place that will allow Froi to access the palace without suspcion. The journey there leads Froi to a man named Gargarion who is the first step to learning who he really is. 

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