Monday, November 5, 2012

Kindle vs. Actual Book

Alright, I've had this talk with quite a few people because I have recently become much more attached to my Kindle than I was before! What is better? Holding an actual book in my hands or using my Kindle which is a link to thousands of books at any given time?!? For convenience sake I say the Kindle wins and I'll tell you why.

The Kindle I now have thanks to my wonderful husband to be is the Kindle Paperwhite, and it's amazing. Before this I had the Kindle Touch which does most of the same things, but has no light and the homepages/library look quite a bit different. I'm in love with the eInk screens on both. But for the saving of your time and mine I will simply say that the Touch was awesome, but the Paperwhite is much better. The reason I began using my Kindle more is because of so many free titles offered by Amazon and also by other authors and websites. I have many bookmarked that allow me to download books to the correct formats at no cost. Yes, a lot of these books are out of date classics, but if you know me you know that is what I like to read. Recently if you follow my blog you'll notice that I have subscribed to a blog by Michael Gallagher that shows me different free books on a daily basis and this is where I have been finding most of the books I've been reading lately. Free makes everything more appealing. The light on the Paperwhite is really handy too. Book lights hurt my eyeballs and in general make me not a very happy camper. So I can read in poorly lit rooms without hurting my eyes, and the pages are still eInk so that it looks like I'm reading a real book. Amazing! What's not to like about tons of free books, excellent lighting, and I didn't mention the compact easy to hold size, but there is that as well. 

Now for real books the main benefit I feel is the feeling of accomplishment when I finish its and can close the pages and put it back on the shelf. It's easy to feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with a HUGE book if the dividing lines between the pages I've read and the ones I have yet to read are moving quickly. Books have a smell that is almost like home for me. I've always been a heavy reader and for those reasons books are a comfort to  me. When I'm feeling down or just need a little something to make it through a tough day I'll pick something of the old bookshelves and start reading. Many of the titles that I have in print I also have in Kindle format, but some books really are better as books. I've read Pride and Prejudice so many times that I've had to replace it once and the most recent copy is starting to deteriorate again. I still buy tons of books in paper format, because I HATE paying for anything that I have in Kindle format. Seems like if I'm going to be giving away my money I should have something that I can hold in my hand, something concrete. Plus, it's just fun wandering through the aisles at bookstores to find whatever will catch me this time. Nowadays I stick to used books for the fact that I spend way too much money if I even consider entering a Barnes and Noble, but it's always an adventure. Even more of an adventure due to the fact that you have no idea what you'll actually find at a used book store. 

All around I feel like the Kindle is just a much more convenient way to read books. I can finish one and easily move on to the next, and this has really been beneficial to my reading habits as of late. I currently am unemployed (not for long) and my son recently started going to school all day so I feel like I will have considerably more time at my disposal for reading and maintaining this blog. I also know that this is a short lived holiday and I will be returning to work and all the joys of time consuming activities that involves. I'll just have to enjoy this time while I have the chance, books here I come! There will probably be a new blog in a little while. I started a book called Chasing Paris this morning and it doesn't seem very long. My Kindle tells me that I only have 2 hours and 7 minutes of reading time left, I don't feel like that is very accurate due to the pace I read at. Oh well. Here's to enjoying a day with a little relaxation, a little grocery shopping, a bit of cleaning, and a lot of living. 

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