Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little Deadly Things by Harry Steinman

"What happens when abusive parents raise brilliant children? You might get a saint. You might get a killer. Or you might get one of each."

Finding this book as another product of the blog that I follow for free Kindle books. It was an excellent find! I started it and pretty much couldn't put it down. It was a pretty crazy read, one that I couldn't predict much in. The Novel is set in the future where there are insane nanotechnologies that run nearly the entire world. The owner of NMech which specializes in these products is followed through her life path, along with her two best friends.

Eva Rozen is a very intense character who starts life in a very outrageous way. Control freak, lover, friend, psychopath.. all wrapped into one compact package. She is certainly a character that will stick with me for quite some time. 

Marta Cruz is a pained woman, but an incredibly compassionate soul. She learns that to respect and care about the ant is to respect and care about humanity. Marta is a healer. There is clash after clash between these two women who grew into maturity together. I really feel for this character who is so impassioned in her care of others that she is able to forget the extreme pain of her personal conditions, and continue on her path to save humanity. 

Jim Ecco is the man in the middle. The animal lover with a bad temper. From an abusive household. Loved his first dog so much that he never had another live with him after the pain of losing the first. A people reader, able to discover minute facts about people based on small things he notices. Think of Patrick Jane from the Mentalist and you've got a general idea of his talents. Just add in a really bad temper and a tendency to beat people up. 

All three characters came from really strenuous childhoods that shaped the way they became. Seems like it was focused on the reflections of upbringing that made children into the kinds of adults they became. Psychologically that is a pretty interesting idea, and very true. I hate giving spoilers about the books I'm reading so I'm going to try to finish up the review now so that I don't start blabbing about the crazy stuff that is in this book. 

I can say that I will probably go back and read this book again in the future, hopefully at a slower pace since I won't be devouring it like I did this first time. I know there are things I missed that will add  to the whole story line. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to read next. With all these free books I've been getting it's been more difficult to decide since I have so many options! Reading is probably the best stress reliever I know. Sort of feeling like reading all the books in the Sevenwaters series again, since the new one will be arrives next week. If I do this I won't be posting about them because it'll basically be me rehashing the post I wrote about Juliet since she is absolutely one of my favorite artists. Oh well, We will see. I'll probably also get back to the additional postings about things other than just books I've read. Thinking about doing one right after this so that I stop rambling on a review. Yeah. BYE!

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  1. Thanks for an honest review. You certainly put a good deal of thought into the book. I'm glad that it worked for you...and it makes me feel good that you were so moved by the characters.